public PHP library What Is The pPHPlib?

At its current state the pPHPlib is a small, but complete application framework. It is tightly integrated with databases and it shines when it is used like that: To manipulate data in databases and display data from databases. Displaying data out of a table is in prinziple as easy as giving the query, say if result should be sortable and/or searchable and that's it. The result is drawn on the screen and can be sorted and searched, if so desired.

Maintaining data - thus inserting, updating and deleting - is as simple. Tell to the pPHPlib the name of the table, say which columns should be maintained, which operations are allowed and the lib is doing all the rest for your: Rendering the screen, checking user input, doing the database transactions and and and...

How is this achived: The main concept is that of events and/or triggers. Well, actually they are the same, some call it events (coming more from the software side), other call it triggers. Due to my former affinity with Oracle and its Forms Designer I was looking for something similar for PHP. Thus the lib is similar to this concept: Provide triggers for manipulating the data! But the lib goes even further: it also proveded these events/triggers for application control/flow and for output of data.

Well, that's it, very brief.