public PHP library Requirements

PHP version

You will need PHP5. At least as from the pPHPlib versions as of 2.0.0 and higher.


The library itself is architecture indepandant, however we develop mostly on Linux systems thus we cannot really test the features on other architectures. But we develop with cross-platform-interoperability in mind. Still then, there might be some features which you cannot use under windows, like IPC.


In principle you do not need any databases to use the pPHPlib. But as for the supported database we recommand MySQL. Also for the reasons above: We mostly use this DB in our daily work. However the API is designed that you can easily add your own DB interface for any other DB. And if you would like to do so, you are greatly welcome!

Why did we make de decision to only support as from PHP 5?

The pPHPlib is heavly object oriented. And because the OO support in PHP versions older than 5 was severely lacking, we decided to make the drastic move and upgrade the pPHPlib to version 2, which no longer will provide support for the older versions (esp 4).