public PHP library News
rudy at 2012-06-12
Not much hope that php-gtk will continue to exist. Nevertheless, the gtk part of the pphplib was extended considerable and I will continue working on it, although it will mainly run on legacy systems, due to the limitats of php-gtk not running on newer php version.
rudy at 2011-02-17
PHP-gtk is now widely supported in the pPHPlib and the creation of GUI applications is as simple as creating web pages. I am delaying the new release of the pPHPlib with phpgtk support however until the guys from the phpgtk project have upgraded their project to the latest PHP version, which I hope will be soon.
rudy at 2010-04-06
The project is still alive! I must moved the web-site over to my own server. Currently I am working to include phpgtk in the pphplib. A lot of work is already done on this and I am using it heavily on my (commercial) projects. Also a ton of improvements are made to the web-based part. Feel free to give the CVS version a try, as I do not know if I will make major releases anytime soon.
rudy at 2005-06-01
Another release done, 2.2.1. Beside the usual bugfix and minor additions (see the CHANGELOG), the big ones in this one is, that the Session management has been completely revamped. It is now based on one common session object (SessionBase), but then split into user sessions - which store data - and authentication sessions - which deal with authentication. Also new Visuals made it into the Visuals, like the VList
rudy at 2005-03-02
New release, 2.2.0 I again decided to upgrade the minor version number, as output control had been added, which is another milestone in the project. Now you can buffer the output and only after completion of the whole page draw the buffer will be flushed and sent all in one to the client. This is the default behavior, but can be changed. I also added the beginning of page caching. It is currently very rudimentary and only allows caching of the whole page. In the future support for caching of documents and panes will be added. Also error handling had been revamped. Now triggers are called in Appl and it is possible to redirect to pages when an error occurs, thus making nice error pages. Also multiple style classes and style sheets are supported. Validate also had been undergone a big revamp, making error message display much easier and I removed some of the more specific validate methods. And of course the usual error fixing. For details, please check the changelog
rudy at 2005-01-04
Added documentation for downloading and getting started guide (pPHPskel)
rudy at 2004-12-17
New Release, 2.1.0 The new release ist finally out! Besides the usual bugfixes and minor improvements (see the CHANGELOG), the big one in this release is the automatic event handling of the (DB)EditPanes. Thus, you no longer have to call HandlePane() by yourself, this is now done by the lib (although you may still call it). The second big one is the removal of the parsing of the query by the lib. We now fully rely on meta-data returned by the DB via the php functions. This has the advantage that we are much more DB independant, however also comes at a cost (we have to execute a query).
rudy at 2004-11-17
Separated the documentation into one part for the API and another part for internals. Also wrote a tutorial for the database abstraction layer. And some small site redesigns
rudy at 2004-10-19
Web site update! Finally found some time to redesign this page and give it a more "homey" feeling. Hoping to put up some more tutorials and FAQs soon!
rudy at 2004-10-16
Latest version. This version is mostly concentrated on security. Quoting was added for output (VTextStrict,VTextHTML,VTextSafeHtml,VTextRaw). Input is now filter much better (eg. tags). Also added better logging capabilities (own class) and some handy debug methods in the Efun. You an now also give hints for pane alignment directly in the query and a new wildcard (?) was added. For a full list of changes, please check the CHANGELOG