public PHP library Getting Started

Getting started

So you have downloaded the files, put some thought into where to install the pPHPlib and finally installed it, and now you wanto to start hacking on your first project. But where to start?

Basically there three common ways to start a project, which I will summarize below.

  • Start from scratch

    This is the method where most work is involved. You have to create all the setup files, include files and libary configurations yourself. I would not recommand this method at all.

  • Modify an existing project

    If you already did a project based on the pPHPlib, an easy way to start a new one is to copy over the existing project, delete the project specific files (mostly in the public and secure directories), rename the include and lib files and adapt the configurations. This method however as the disadvantage that you miss some changes and that it might be a lot of work for heavily customized projects.

  • Use pPHPskel

    pPHPskel is a small application which creates the basic library files for your project. This is done by first editing the configuration file and then run parse.php. After the run you will be provided with a 'skeleton' application, thus the name. For more details about this method, please check out the section about pPHPskel.